lard_puddle-final-with-smile_small-for-web3.pngHi, my name’s Lard.

I’m a small person with a big message: I WANT WORLD PEACE AND I WANT IT NOW!

So I’m making it happen one day at a time by sharing my special brand of wise-foolery. You can sign up for my daily world peace tips HERE. And you can GET INVOLVED yourself by sending me your own idea for World Peace. If I like your idea I’ll put it in the PEACE SKY. And every month I’ll send a SPECIAL LARD BADGE to the creator of my favourite idea.

Keep in touch! Together we can get this done! WORLD PEACE!

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  1. Lily in the Nova

    This is positively adorable! And an absolutely super message to be spreading – here’s to striving for world peace! 🙂

    • keithtutt

      Hi Frank,
      Thanks so much for your supportive comments. They’re hugely appreciated! Lard Wants World Peace is actually created by two of us: Writer Keith Tutt (that’s me) and Illustrator/artist Daniel Saunders. As a non-US citizen he may struggle to become President but we hope he’s well respected in the Universe…

      Love, light and Lard!!!

    • keithtutt

      Thanks Lee-Ann for your positive and creative vibes. Lard really loves your photos, especially
      the dragonflies. One of his favourite creatures…Love, light and Lard!!!

  2. Keith Tutt

    Ketan, that’s so great!!! Thanks so much!!! I’ve never heard of that award before. Is there something we need to do? You’re a great supporter and a wonderful ambassador for world peace!!! Love, light and Lard!!!

    • Keith Tutt

      Hi Zen Greenway, what a great name…!!! Thanks for your encouragement and support. We really
      appreciate it. Peace to you too…In fact, Love, light and Lard!!!

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