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Act of kindness…

Give up negativity

Hug a stranger…

Be musical

Power to the people

Call someone…

Happy New Year to all our friends!

Happy New Year to all our friends! May 2014 be a very peaceful and exciting year for  all of us and the planet we live on. Each day we’ll be posting one of LARD’S inspirational WORLD PEACE TIPS.

Every Friday we’ll also post a new ‘LARD WANTS WORLD PEACE’ comic strip featuring Lard, Alice, Little Joe, Flaming Phil as they attempt to create world peace…

EXCITING NEWS: This year we’ll also be launching Lard’s first GRAPHIC NOVEL called ‘LARD AND THE WORLD PEACE MACHINE’.



We hope you’ll enjoy all our offerings and, when you feel moved, pass them on to your friends.

Stay Close: it’s going to be a great year!!!

Love, Light and Lard!!!!

Climb every mountain…

Learn something from everyone

Go the distance

Survive austerity…

Read to someone who can’t

Be musical

Practise Origami

Write it down

Be one with nature

Keep sane

Respect your ancestors

Keep your heart open

Be your own best friend

Lard meets… John Lennon

Manage anger

Be funny

Leave room for plants

Give up your weapons

Soar like an Eagle

Every journey starts with a single step…

Lard meets… Albert Einstein

Achieve Fusion

Turn back the Doomsday clock…