• Keith Tutt

      Hi Fictionspawn…thanks for your comment…I’m going to check…(Hope it’s not fake science…)…the third part is less likely, I admit! :Love light and Lard!!!

      • fictionspawn

        Haha! I think so as well. The reason I think so, is because I think we always share more genetics with animals than with plants. Maybe the numbers are just mixed up? Please let me know if I’m wrong;)

  1. Keith Tutt

    Hi Fictionspawn, I don’t know if you’re on ‘Quora’ but there are some interesting answers here about the dinosaur side of things, mostly based on the fact that chickens are the descndants of dinosaurs and we share a good amount with the chickens…

    Now as far as the bananas go…apparently we might share 15% with brewer’s yeast so that’s a start. Otherwise…:here’s another Quroa answer written by some scientist people mostly!

    Interesting stuff! (Little Joe is still wrong, though….)
    Love, light and Lard!!!

  2. Iridacea

    My question is Are those radioactive bananas? is there still hope that I might spontaneously develop the capacity to glow in the dark?

  3. Keith Tutt

    Iridacea! thanks for your question…Boy have you come to the right place! I have absolutely no idea! I take them to stop getting cramps in my legs at night but I’m not sure that’s going to help you…I guess you could ask the internet. Apparently it’s full of
    facts…Love, light and Lard!!!

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