Make someone a proposal

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  1. juan

    im here to bring world peace
    how can i help
    if we could just help each other out we could make revolution
    im gonna try help out anyone that i can
    i dont wanna be rich or have any power
    i really bealive that it starts with one person
    i dont know why im thinking like this
    i feel like im here to make a change in the world
    but sometimes i feel shy and i dont wanna say the things that i wanna say
    we need to be real we are beeing all fake its a fake world
    why cant i say how i really feel bout anything and not be judge or think how i feel or look at me wrong
    reality is scary thinking bout it , we shouldnt feel that way , and now that im gettign older i think dif
    we need to bring heaven here to earth we cant committe suicide and loose this great life that we have
    thres enough food and land for everyone
    we need to come together and live a happy life
    how can i take thiis felling i have inside me i dont wanna fell afraid
    em i trpping

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