Mow someone’s lawn


  1. Har+new

    Not sure I asked you this before but what is your process? Like does it start with a simple quote or a piece of a advice then you think of a humorous image you can draw depicting it?

  2. Keith Tutt

    Hi, Har and New! Thanks for your question…Mainly the answer is Yes! and No! Sometimes tt varies a bit…we used to start with phrases and ideas and then sketch up the Tips. Daniel likes to work visually, naturally, so sometimes he just draws something and then we work out what it’s all about…sometimes the text idea changes to respond to the drawing. It’s a surprisingly long process sometimes. There are tips that don’t work for a long time and then suddenly we have an idea to make it work. Others will be right just from the start….It’s fun…even after a thousand of them!

    All good wishes to you, Love, light and Lard!!!

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