‘A shop is a metaphor’


  1. Har+new

    Is Lard like a traveler of the world? In some of these comics he is always in different places. How long does it take you to draw one comic? I was thinking not long since you put out one daily

    • Keith Tutt

      Hi Har+new, Wow! Thanks for all your great comments and observations. We really appreciate it. To answer this one…Lard is a kind of traveller of the world who turns up in different places doing his World Peace mission. It’s a good question about how long it takes Daniel to draw one comic. We (Keith and Daniel) often work on a big batch of comic strips at once. And we always have a group that we’re working to get up to our own exacting standards (!). Some of them come together really quickly, but others can take weeks before we’re happy with them. We also have a reject folder where that ones that don’t make it have to go…sometimes we go through them and resurrect one or two that deserve another chance…

      It’s a fun thing to do as well as being quite demanding. In truth we could really to with some more support to help us with our daily output of comic strips, which is why we recently signed up with Patreon to find more supporters who are willing to pledge a monthly amount in exchange for some access to special content, or simply to support us in our mission!

      Thanks again for your interest. We really love your input! Love, light and Lard!!!

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