Purify yourself


  1. sjvernon

    Why does concentrate get such a bad name? Concentrate wasn’t made from concentrate either, you know! Concentrate was made from natural ingredients! 🙂

    • Keith Tutt

      Hi SJ, thanks for such a concentrated question. I’ll need to concentrate just to answer it….here it comes: Oh, it’s a boring answer…about preservatives and such like that keeps the concentrates from going mouldy on their long journeys across the seas in massive containers….Thanks for pointing out the falsity, fallacy, fallaciousness or at least questionability in Lard’s self-tattoo!!! Keep ’em coming! Love, light and Lard to you, SJV!!!

      • sjvernon

        Hmm… so what happens if you concentrate really hard on concentrate? Does it become more concentrated? Or less?

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