Accept reality


  1. Humping Tree

    Accepting reality is a real struggle… especially on a Sunday night. Would be nice to see a follow-up drawing where reality is thrown at you instead. You know, like how it happens every Monday morning! 😉

    • Keith Tutt

      Dear Humping Tree, the drawing department will look into your request. One of the big problems with reality seems to be that it’s real…Or rather: one of the problems with reality is that it seems to be real…I actually leave Monday morning until Tuesday at the earliest….Love, light and Lard!!!

  2. Keith Tutt

    It’s a good point SJV! I’ve heard stories of them chucking it in a local ditch…or onto a railway line. That can be a REALLY BIG PROBLEM. Thanks for the thought on that…Love, light and Lard!!!

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